Merry Christmas from the Finance Society

The Finance Society Committee wishes you Merry Christmas and a fulfilling year ahead!


As a small gift, we have compiled a list of interesting finance-related movies.

We hope you will enjoy them and learn something new along the way!



Alex, George, Nitesh, Miriam, Plamen, Joe, Gediminas, Sean and Zixiang Zhou!



ICMA Christmas Party

Get ready for this year’s ICMA Centre Christmas party, coming this Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm




Be sure to email and pick up your ticket from reception, there will be all manner of prizes, games and even the real Santa! Committee members will be attending who are all looking forward to having a chat over a complementary glass of Cava.

See you there!

ICMA BBC Segment

Thanks to everyone who came along to fill out the trading room for the BBC segment, I have saved both sections below for your viewing pleasure, you can download the video file by right clicking the hyperlinks below the YouTube embeds and choosing save as/save target.


BBC iPlayer – South Today – Intro 

BBC iPlayer – South Today – Adrian Bell Interview

BBC Trading Simulation

This Thursday, BBC South will be coming to the ICMA centre to interview a few ICMA professors regarding the chancellors annual statement. They are keen to show off the ICMA centre’s facilities and have some  students busily trading in the background, and have asked me to recruit 30 eager students to participate in an outcry trading session which will be conducted by Dr Ioannis Oikonomou. They have also specified that Msc students would be preferable, and the dress code is business casual.

If you would like to attend, please sign in and RSVP at, I’m sure you’ll be able to share the video segment with your friends and family.

Time Till BBC Trading Simulation 

Trading Simulation 5 (Msc ICMA students)

Due to some technical issues during last Thursday’s impromptu trading session I have booked another one for this evening between 6:30 – 7:30, once again I will not require that you RSVP since it is at such short notice.

But I would strongly encourage you to attend, we will be announcing a very exciting opportunity for you to get involved in, come along to find out about it.

Please note that this applies specifically to Msc ICMA students, if you are from another degree program or department you may not attend.

Trading Simulation 4

Following Tuesday evening’s trading session, a number of Msc ICMA students asked if it would be possible to have an FX simulation before their first graded session next week.

We have booked the room for 18:30-19:30 for tonight, there is no need to RSVP, but arrive early to make sure you get a seat.

Trading Simulation 3

Hi everyone, we hope you enjoyed the second of a number of trading simulations that will be a regular occurrence over the coming year. We are glad to announce we will be holding another one this coming Tuesday evening at 6:30

To RSVP follow this link:

You may now RSVP for this, whether or not you have been to one before.

Time till Trading Simulation 3


We look forward to seeing you there!

George’s Top Free Trading Tools

I’ve been interested in trading for almost 7 years now, and over time I’ve used plenty of platforms and tools to monitor stocks, futures,  forex, options, market indicators, news and fundamental data. I like looking at the US stock market most because it offers a wider array of trading and investment opportunities than any other market in the world. Here are my favorite free ones. I will be doing a subsequent article on my preferred paid (but still cheap) tools. (more…)

IC Trader Tutorial

For everyone attending this evening’s and future trading simulation sessions, I have been making a guide for you to reference if you are stuck on anything while trading is underway. You can access it at or mouseover divisions in the top menu bar > Trading and Investment > ICtrader

We will also be on hand if any of you need some help, and look forward to seeing you tonight!


Trading Simulation 2

Thanks to everyone who attended our second trading simulation, hopefully you can spot yourself in one of the pictures below!


We look forward to seeing you at a future session.